Zumba For Schools

A primary teacher with over ten years international experience now offering dance classes to primary schools


Need a specialised teacher to take Primary children’s dance lessons for P.E?

I am an experienced Primary teacher with a passion and expertise for teaching dance!

I plan fun and energetic dance lessons following National Curriculum learning objectives


So much more than dance.

Zumba kids is not just any dance club, it has so much to offer. Disco lights, pom poms and scarves create a party atmosphere  whilst teaching key dance skills and elements. 

Zumba kids is structured; we start with a fun warm up game, a warm up dance, learn easy routines and finish with a cooldown and stretch. 

Routines are learned and built on each week so children can copy, remember and repeat them.



Zumba encourages self-expression and social interaction, while boosting serotonin levels for an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Zumba is exercise in disguise; frequently over 400kcals without any noticing they’ve been ‘working out’.

It is accessible, adapted to suit all ages and abilities. Zumba incorporates dance and music from around the world. Sessions can fit with relevant topics or current events. 

Want zumba at your school?





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Zumba is an exciting and engaging activity. It helps improve coordination, rhythm, and flexibility while keeping kids active and entertained. By incorporating different dance styles, Zumba promotes teamwork and unity in the classroom, making it a fun way to learn new skills and stay fit.

Teaching Zumba to primary school children not only enhances physical fitness but also supports mental wellbeing. The energetic music and dance routines boost serotonin, mood and confidence, providing a positive outlet for self-expression. Zumba helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, creating an atmosphere where children can relax, have fun, and thrive both physically and mentally.

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